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1. Supervision for Children:

• Question: Do children need supervision?

• Answer: Yes, children under the age of 12 require supervision by their parents or guardians at all times.

2. Food and Beverage Policy:

• Question: Are outside food and drinks permitted?

• Answer: External food, beverages, or snacks are not permitted within our premises. 

3. Cake Policy:

• Question: Can I bring my own cake?

• Answer: While guests are welcome to bring their own cake, please be aware of a nominal fee of $25 for outside cakes. Additionally, we provide plates and cutlery for your convenience.

Parents can bring their own cake at no charge when booking our Shamrock Junior Party Package. 

4. Arcade Game Operations:

• Question: Are your arcade games coin-operated?

• Answer: Yes, our arcade games operate on a coin-based system, accepting only loonies and toonies.

5. Refund Policy:

• Question: Do you issue any refunds?

• Answer: Regrettably, we do not provide refunds for any transactions. Please check our refund policy: 

Bowling lane reservations inside of seven (7) days are non-refundable

Bookings outside seven (7) days can be cancelled and will be compensated with a Shamrock Gift Card. 

No cash or CC refunds are given at any time!

6. Bowling Shoe Requirement:

• Question: Are bowling shoes mandatory?

• Answer: Indeed, bowling shoes are mandatory for all bowlers and individuals utilizing the lanes or benches.

7. Age Restrictions:

• Question: What is the legal age to be at Shamrock?

• Answer: Participants aged 6 and older are welcome to engage in bowling activities, with no upper age limit. However, children under 6 may accompany guests but are not permitted to bowl.

8. Reservation Policy:

• Question: Do we need to make a reservation?

• Answer: We strongly encourage making reservations, particularly during weekends when demand is high. Reservations are exclusively accepted online, and inquiries about package bookings may be directed via email.

9. Closure Information:

• Question: Do you close during the year?

• Answer: Yes, we close our establishment during the months of July and August.

10. Operating Days:

• Question: Are you open the whole week?

• Answer: Our operation spans from Wednesday to Sunday. Please refer to our posted hours of operation for more details.

11. Bowling Options:

• Question: Do you have 10-pin bowling?

• Answer: No, we only offer 5-pin bowling, an original Canadian game known for its unique comedic twist.

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