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Welcome to 

Shamrock Bowl & Restobar, 

a special venue that offers you EATertainment!

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about the bowling

Shamrock bowl 

Shamrock bowl is a historic 5-Pin Bowling alley that has been fully restored to the look and feel of the days of its inception (the Late 1940’s).


It is the oldest and largest 5-pin bowling alley in Toronto, the city in which this popular sport and team building activity was invented!


Come today to enjoy our eight bowling lanes.

about the restobar

Origin of the dishes 

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Our food concept includes three fast and healthy European based food styles.

  • Piadina a rustic Italian flatbread sandwich filled with savoury or sweet ingredients.

  • French "bowl" sourdough bread creations filled with tasty flavors.

  • Döner kebab is made of meat cooked on a vertical rotisserie accompanied by fresh vegetables and delicious spices.

      It is originally from Turkey and            very popular in Europe. 

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